Pratt DAHRC researchers were invited to present the Fauna & Flora NYC initiative at the renowned Data Science conferences BLOOMBERG D4GX (Data for Good Exchange) and STRATA + HADOOP World Conference.

DAHRC Researchers at STRATA HADOOP 2015-09-30 17.41.29 WEB

DAHRC Researchers at the STRATA | HADOOP 2015 from left to right: Juhi Solanki, Elaine Khuu, Winnie Wen, Pachara Kangchirdsri

Bloomberg Logo - Web

BLOOMBERG 2015-09-28 14.25.40 WEB


Elaine and Juhi at BLOOMBERG 2015-09-28

DAHRC Researchers Elaine Khuu and Juhi Solanki at the BLOOMBERG D4GX 2015

Strata Hadoop World Logo WebSTRATA HADOOP2015-09-30




STRATA HADOOP Oreilly Owl 2015-09-30 17.13.07

Elaine and Winnie at STRATA HADOOP 2015-09-28

DAHRC Researchers Elaine Khuu and Winnie Wen with the Fauna & Flora NYC presentation poster

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Pratt DAHRC Presentation of Fauna & Flora NYC

Series of ideas were presented to positively influence the climate by integrating and embracing Big Data, Internet of Things, knowledge of life science and the organizations in NYC area:


BLOOMBERG D4GX Presentation poster designed by HyukJae Henry Yoo, Elaine Khuu, and Juhi Solanki

Many concepts and ideas were developed by Pratt DAHRC Researchers, and four ideas under the Fauna & Flora NYC umbrella initiative were proposed and accepted by the respective conference committees

BLOOMBERG D4GX Presentation was created by:

HyukJae Henry Yoo
Elaine Khuu
Juhi Solanki

STRATA + HADOOP World Presentation created by:

HyukJae Henry Yoo
Elaine Khuu
Juhi Solanki
Winnie Wen
Pachara Kangchirdsri

Concept 1: Virtual Health Community

Fauna-Flora - Idea Concept Sketches-1 Web

Concept 2: Animal Monitoring at NY Bronx Zoo

Fauna-Flora - Idea Concept Sketches-2 Web

Concept 3: Plants at NY Botanical Gardens

Fauna-Flora - Idea Concept Sketches-3 Web

Concept 3: Today’s Weather in Context of Historical Climate Data at Fingertips

Fauna-Flora - Idea Concept Sketches-4 Web

The presentation of the Fauna & Flora NYC at these venues has served as part of the foundation work integral to the IBEIS + DAHRC collaboration.