Pratt DAHRC retains an open-call policy towards ideas.  History testifies to the fact that many innovative ideas which are obvious now were at first ridiculed during their time.  We at DAHRC believe that anything which is worthwhile to humanity merits a sincere investigation to see how we can make a contribution to the process.  Please do not hesitate to let us know of your thoughts, even if it seems unrelated to the current list of ongoing research efforts.

They thought automobiles were such bad ideas... the law required red flags held by walking person to prevent accidents. Silly, you might say? That doesn't mean that they cannot be improved.
They thought the automobile was such a bad idea… the law required a person to walk in front of cars holding red flags to prevent accidents(Red Flag Act 1865). Perhaps it was a silly effort, but that doesn’t mean the automobile has no room for improvement, nor alternatives should not be considered.

DAHRC website as a Research Communication and Collaboration Tool

In a highly connected and all-open digital world of today, it is certainly posible to overcome the technical challenges in sharing ideas and thoughts across distances.  While the DAHRC website has been designed for the purpose of communicating itself to the world, it is also designed to be used as a practical research collaboration tool.

Through the moderated DAHRC discussion forum, researchers and collaborators can discuss their thoughts conveniently and freely over the website while sufficient and appropriate level of shelter for the ideas are provided.  With the balanced mix of protection, nurturing and exposure, the ideas will be allowed to sufficiently ripen before they are ready to be presented to the world.  Selected research topics will be shown on the website with varying levels of openness, with researchers having more access to the research in progress, while the  general public is able to browse at the topics and gain as much understanding about DAHRC as possible.

If you are interested in participating in or collaborating for ongoing research efforts or would like to discuss new research ideas, please use the contact form below to start a conversation.  We look forward to hearing from you.


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