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DAHRC VR-riors and AR-riors


Pratt DAHRC is pleased to announce the Super VR initiative.

Having created the first Virtrual Reality and Augmented Reality lab in the Institute, DAHRC group has taken on a series research projects to exemplify explorations and investigation of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences and applications.

Through a deep & wide investigation and thorough analysis, the DAHRC team has identified the most needed area for investigation in the emerging yet likely to be game-changing VR/AR field.


Though the digital content of virtual experiences has become increasingly realistic, the means for interacting with such digital content is not intuitive.

Instead, users manipulate a set of controllers with buttons and trackpads which are often not related to the content of the virtual experience.

Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality do not provide the sensation of touching and manipulating objects with mass and texture.

We believe that recognizing the user’s fine hand movements and integrating physical objects into Virtual Reality allows more intuitive experiences.

DAHRC researchers hypothesize that integrating physical tactile sensations into Virtual Reality could provide a richer, holistic Mixed Reality user experience.

We seek to prototype a set of interactions which will allow the user to directly and intuitively control virtual avatars by manipulating a series of physical objects embedded with sensors.

Conversely, the physical objects become magically enhanced with new potential informed by their virtual context.

We aspire to make an impact on various professional fields such as medical, education and training, wherever objects and tools play major roles.

Some practical applications may include:

  • Interpersonal Communication enhanced by tactile feedback to help people feel more closely connected than via a phone or video call
  • Organizing the digital contents of one’s computer through physical allegories
  • Being trained in the correct use of tools (eg knife skills for cooking) through virtual-tactile instructions and instant virtual feedback
  • Training body movement in athletic activities (eg martial arts, dance) by showing exemplary movements next to one’s own body