Pratt Institute Library


Pratt Institute library system is ideal for researchers who need to carry out in-depth and inter-disciplinary studies on historical as well as contemporary topics in art, design, and humanity.  In addition to retaining vast volumes of art and design publications in its physical campuses in Brooklyn and Manhattan, the library retains inter-library borrowing system with the educational, public, and private libraries throughout the nation.   This makes publications in virtually all of the libraries within the Tri-Sate area available, which enables the researchers to get their hands on otherwise unobtainable titles within relatively short amount of time(at one time, a researcher was able to obtain a master volume of original manuscripts of the architect Le Corbusier within ten days).   For the digital references, the Pratt library maintains subscriptions to  the most coveted database catalog services which provide world-class references and royalty-free publication-quality images which are not available through Google internet search.

Pratt Information Technology and Academic Computing

Active researchers of DAHRC have access to the vast hardware and software computing resources which support the students and faculty to produce the highest quality work.  In addition to the full suite of the Autodesk and Adobe graphic, 3D, and design software applications which makes it possible to produce Hollywood feature film quality production work, the campus-wide render-farm processors enable the researchers to run intensive computational simulations and output their visions even from remote locations across the world.


Collaborative Arrangements

When even the most elite of the stock software applications are not sufficient to navigate through the boundary for innovation, proprietary software source codes and engines are written and developed by the DAHRC research team.  Source codes and engines are also obtained through collaborative arrangements with partnering research groups throughout the world.  As an example, DAHRC has retained on ongoing research and production relationship with the Valve Corporation.


Digital Output Center (DOC)

Digital Output Center at Pratt Institute boasts as being the largest non-commercial large format print center in NYC.  This enterprise now processes and outputs over one million print jobs per academic year.  The recent expansion includes capability to print students’ original fabric designs for prototype creation, which were prominently featured in the Spring 2013 Pratt Institute Fashion Show.  Following the manager Paul Petruccelli’s desire for cross-­curriculum impact, deep integration of the technology and the overall capability of the DOC was well represented in projects at Spring 2013’s Pratt Show in Jewelry, Industrial, Interior as well as Communications Design and Illustration.


3D Output Center

Up until recently, various schools and departments of Pratt Institute have maintained variety of 3D printing facilities in the Department of Industrial Design, Department of Digital Arts, and the School of Architecture.  Starting the Fall semester of 2014, new and centralized 3D output center will be in operation at the Pratt Brooklyn campus, offering a wide range and variety of materials for different applications for arts, architecture, design, and technological applications.  FDM(Fused Deposition Modeling) with soluble supports will be available, 3D wax printer which enables lost-wax investment casting for jewelry and sculpture, and SLS(Selective Laser Sintering) which is planned for future semesters.  Recent acquisition includes the 3D systems CPX Max 3510 was printer.

Completing the offering of the technology is the world-class expert knowledge base of how to wield the technology available throughout the institute as well as within DAHRC.


Digital 3D Laser Scanning

Full-body scans of people and large objects as well as small intricate detailed objects are possible to create digital models of the physical world to be utilized in product, fashion, architecture, interior, sculpture applications.  In addition, collaboration with medical and science research institutions make it possible to obtain MRI and CT Scan data to be utilized for biomedical designs and anatomical studies.  The expert knowledge of the experienced researchers and supporting experts make it possible for the (often) time-coming tasks of 3D scanning to be done in the most efficient manner for the needs at hand.


Knowledge Base

Through DAHRC, knowledge and expertise of the past, current, and future students, faculty and alumni–entire Pratt history–can be made available.  For new research ideas, advising can be made available on how to best articulate the ideas of the researchers to formulate the best match amongst the researchers, experts, advisors, and sponsors based on the needs of the research aim and goals.


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